Sitka, AK

Well we made it to Sitka.  Bob and Mary Jo Brummer arrived on Cabernet July 13 but not without some things like missing their flight in Seattle and MJ leaving her drivers license at home but they did make it.  Of course it was raining so after a nice dinner that night and provisioning the next morning we headed out in the rain…..Our first stop was Funter Bay where it rained all night.  The next morning we got up early to head out because of the weather and wanted to get out of the Lynn Canal.  Upon entering and going a couple of hours we decided to duck into Game Cove to wait out Chatham Strait.  We were not doing the big waves again.  Finally after a couple of hours we ventured out and it was calm so we crossed and headed to Tenakee Springs.  We arrived early evening so decided to go for a walk into town.  It was not raining when we started but that did not last long.  The next morning we went to the cafe to have their wonderful cinnamon rolls.  We finally headed out about 10:00 heading to Warm Springs.  The water was not bad but we did go up stream all the way so it took us longer then expected.  We arrived in Warm Springs but could not get a place on the float dock so we anchored in a small cove and after dinner decided to take the dinghy to the tubs of course it was raining but the hot tub felt great.  The next morning we wanted to get another early start to head towards Sergius Narrows and out of Chatham Strait before the wind and waves picked up.  It was not that bad just foggy and a quarter mile visibility..  We stayed the night in Baby Bear Cove and again it rained all night.  We put out crab pots and caught 7 crabs but could only keep the one male. All females.  The next morning was really beautiful we could at least see the mountains .and it was Bob’s birthday.  We needed to go through Sergius Narrows at slack tide but did not make it.  We were tossed around going through but of course Cabernet came through it with all she had at two knots against the current. It was running like a river and we were going upstream like salm   We got into Sitka and it was partly cloudy but no rain but that did not last long. Of course the first thing we did was cook up the crab for crab cocktails before going to dinner for Bob’s birthday. We went into town on Sunday in the pouring rain.  We had all our rain gear on but that was the only way we were going to get out and see town.  That night was another night of Mexican Train which we played several nights since all it did was rain.  Mary Jo was addicted and Ron thinks it is a stupid game lol……

Bob and Mary Jo flew back yesterday morning we had sunshine last night and cloudy today but that has not stopped us from riding our bikes into town. Ron finally got a hair cut. He was starting to look a little ragged and now lunch so we can get internet and I can post this blog.

We will be in Sitka until next week when our son and granddaughter fly in and then start heading South so that maybe we can get some sunshine.

Our trip with the Brummer’s was too short and we enjoyed their company greatly.


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Juneau, AK

Juneau AK

Well we are back after about 8 days traveling around SE Alaska with my parents who flew back home on the 6th.  Our first stop was Funter Cove on a public dock that was full of local folks. People are so friendly here to us.  The next morning we headed out Chatham Strait and saw a fishing fleet of about 17 boats fishing off Point Augusta so we decided to motor over and try our luck. We stayed off about a mile and put down a line.  We finally caught our fish 1 King and 2 Silvers, guess what we had for dinner that night.  Sushi for us and barbequed salmon for Mom.  We stayed in Tenakee Springs the next 2 nights which only has about 100 people.  Cute little town with one store, one bakery café, and their only transportation is by ATV. That is the main street an ATV path…a little walk for us from the marina to town.  Mom and Dad were getting there exercise making the trip to town to sight see.  When we left Tenakee Springs we decided to try halibut fishing just out in Chatham Strait in a cove we were told to try, but instead we got to see a pod of whales bubble feeding. Quite a sight!!  They kept surrounding the boat so we just sat and watched for quite a while as they went back and forth in the cove. They go down and herd a school of fish by blowing bubbles and chasing them to the surface where they all go in at one time and feed. Amazing to see all six of them stick their noses out of the water at the same time!!  Our next stop was Pt Moses Cove where we were on the hook. Here we saw for the first time an eagle swimming. He swooped down and caught a big fish, too big for him to continue to fly so instead he landed in the water, but didn’t let go of the fish. He used his big wings as paddles and paddled himself to shore where he pulled the fish up on a rock. Three other eagles showed up to see if they could get a part of the fish. We had put down the crab nets, but all we caught was two star fish and a couple of ugly bottom rock fish stuck in the netting.  After that we headed to Baranoff Warm Springs and were able to get on the public dock next to the waterfall.  Ron and I hiked up to the hot springs and lake. Beautiful alpine lake.  The hot springs were right next to the water fall, it was pretty spectacular.  Later that night after dinner Ron, I and Dad went up to the hot springs tubs that they had built overlooking the pier and waterfall. Hot sulfur water piped down from the springs, felt so good. The next day after checking the weather we were trying to decide if we should go because Chatham Strait was showing 4-6 ft. swells.  Ron’s better judgment was to stay another day, but dummy me overrode that and decided that we needed to go.  After poking our nose out in the strait and immediately getting water over the bow we should have turned back but not us we decided to go on.  6 hours later and over 16 foot waves and 50 mph winds we finally survived and arrived at Kuiu Island (Halleck Harbor).  This was not our destination but we didn’t care we were out of the rough water!! We were so exhausted.  At one point while I was at the helm Ron was up on the fly bridge tying things down that were coming loose.  We almost lost the tender.  After a while I was not sure if Ron was still up there or overboard, Mom and Dad could not move they had the animals next to them sitting in the salon.  Once we anchored the cleanup began.  We came through unscathed nothing broke…..and we did not get seasick although it was questionable at times. We have heard from locals that we caught the worst of it. Chatham Strait when the tide is going out and the southwest wind blowing in the opposite direction can produce the roughest sea.  Next time Ron says the swells are above 2 feet we are not going.   The next day we headed out and unbelievable the seas were calm, like glass.  Amazing how that works.  We ended up at Wood Spit Cove for the night where of course Dad and Ron were fishing off the boat.  Ron caught another silver but it was only 19 inches.  After checking the fishing guide I told them they had to throw it back it was not a keeper.  Of course I was told later that I read the wrong size and that it only had to be 16 inches.  Oh well we still have salmon in the freezer.  When we woke up that morning we were surrounded by rocks in a little hole with 26 feet of water under us but rocks all around, because of the minus 16 foot tides.  We are getting pretty good about anchoring with these tide swings.  The morning was beautiful so we put a line down and trolled so that Dad could hopefully catch those last several salmon and have them shipped home.  Guess he won’t have any salmon waiting for him.  We stayed again in Taku Harbor on the 4th along with locals from Juneau who get out of town for the 4th.  Later we saw a brown bear just meandering along the beach without a care in the world.  We were not close so did not get a good picture.

We are staying in Juneau until the 14th when we have some other friends flying in. This week we are cleaning the boat inside and out, laundry, provisioning, changing the oil and other maintenance things we need to do.  All a part of keeping up.

The only downside is that we have to ride our bikes into downtown Juneau in order to get internet service.

Until next time we have internet

Cabernet “a home on any seas”

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Juneau, Alaska

My parents flew into Petersburg on June 16 so we headed out the following day after getting Dad’s fishing license.  We motored over to Thomas Bay and anchored next to Ruth Island.  We put the crab pots out and Dad and Ron started fishing off the boat.  Dad caught a Skate (looked like a big stingray) about 40 lbs really thought we had a halibut but no such luck.  The next morning we had 5 crab in the pots.  Whoohooo…….  So after a while we headed out and motored Pybus Bay Cannery Cove where we stayed for two nights on the hook.  Still looking for bear and to catch salmon.  The weather was perfect when leaving heading to Tracy Arm.  We got into Tracy Arm Cove and anchored.  Dad tried his luck at fishing again  but this time only caught a big starfish. We’ve caught a lot of ugly bottom fish, all mouth no body.  Maybe one day we might get something we can eat lol.  The next morning we headed up Tracy Arm to the North and South Sawyer Glacier.  It was a 6 hour trip in and out.  Of course we had to run into a big cruise ship going in and boy did he put off the wake. No way to get away from it.  Dad’s coffee and brownie went everywhere.  We were only able to get into North Sawyer Glacier  because of the icebergs blocking South Sawyer.  On the way out we motored over to the side of the cliffs to look at some white rock and low and behold there were two Grizzley’s on the side of the cliff one in the water and the other on the side eating berries.  Yea,,,, we saw two bears.  Now if we could see a whale we would have seen a glacier, bear, eagle all in the same day.  Motoring up Stephen’s Passage Dad said he saw a whale.  I didn’t and Ron was taking a nap so not sure if he was seeing things. 🙂

We ended up on a float in Taku Harbor for the next two nights.  When we woke up the first morning Ron started the generator and the water intake was not working. After checking the sea strainer we decided the under hull intake was plugged. So Ron had to get his wet suite on and snorkel under the boat.  It was real fun trying to help him get his wet suit on but he did it and cleared the blockage and since it was a beautiful day and crab pots out we decided to stay another night.  Very nice place to stay.

The following morning we headed to Juneau sun shining and warm.  We trolled for about two hours but still no fish….As we came into Juneau the weather changed.  Raining and windy.  We cleaned the boat, laundry, shopping and ready to head back out but the weather is not cooperating.  We are going to try to leave in the morning not sure where we will stop it will just depend how Stephen’s Passage is.

When we were in Taku Harbor Ron met a guy from Douglas Island and offered us his vehicle.  When we arrived in Juneau we could only get into Douglas Harbor which is way out of Juneau so we started checking on  renting a car.  Dave came by and took Ron to the airport to see about a car rental.  Believe it or not there were no cars available.  So Dave let us use his car while we have been here.  What nice people you meet on the water. Ron started talking to the guy on his fishing boat in the slip accross from us and he wanted to borrow our hose. He asked would you like some King Salmon for dinner? Of Course we said “yes”! He had just caught several; King Salmon and was cleaning them. He gave us half a fish. Wow can you believe how nice Alaska people are????IMG_1144 IMG_1146

Internet service has not been easy to get.  We are eating pizza and I am sitting here typing.  So slow and frustrating.

Until out next internet service

Cabernet “at home on any sea”

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Petersburg, Alaska

We left Wrangell on our way to Petersburg but decided to stop and fish off of Elephant Nose Point.   8 hours later Ron and Chick were still empty handed. Ron bought a new rod and reel, a lot of lures. Ron did catch a salmon but it was too small and had to throw it back he also caught  the ugliest Quillback Rockfish threw that back also.  I am now an official fishing guide.  I led them to the fish but they could not catch anything. I guess I need to know what kind of lures for them to use. My next job…..  After finally getting the guys ready to go we headed to St. John Harbor to anchor. Got there late in the evening.  Chick decided to fish again. Caught a bunch of bottom fish of some kind.The only thing he caught this trip was ugly rock fish and the flu. Poor guy….maybe next time.  We had another awesome sunset.   We left this morning and went through the Wrangell Narrows which they call Christmas Tree lane as we had to follow the red and green markers for 22 miles.  The weather is absolutely beautiful 75 degrees. Of course the day before they leave.  It was a great time.

I have finally been able to upload more pictures in the photo gallery….check it out.

Cabernet “at home on any sea”

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Wrangell, Alaska

We spent Saturday with  Chick and Carel exploring Ketchikan and eating lunch at Annabells.  There were two cruise ships in and it was raining like crazy.

Leaving Sunday was iffy with the weather but we decided to go around 1:00.  We headed around the bend into the Behm Canal and decided to troll and do a little bit of fishing with no such luck on catching anything.    So we headed to Naha Bay for the night.  It was absolutely beautiful there.  Ron and Chick took the dinghy and explored up the creek and into Roosevelt Bay where Trumpeter Swans are suppose to winter .  This place had a 7 mile wildlife trail but had not been used for a while.  There was a landslide by the float which took out the ramp so no access to land.  The evening Sunset was awesome with the rain clouds.  I guess you could call it a sunset in Alaska.

The next day we headed to Neets Bay.  Chick was not feeling well.  We fished a little bit but again nothing so on to Helm Bay we went for the night.  Chick was sick for two days.  Honestly I did not give him food poisoning must have been the stomach flu. We think he got sick because he lost at Mexican Train unfortunately Carel was sick the next day so I guess that was not it.  Now they are both on the mend.  After leaving Helm Bay we headed to Meyer’s Chuck.  What a beautiful cove and you would never guess it was there.  The sun was shining.  We walked around the trail and ordered cinnamon rolls for the next morning by Cassie a local lady there that sold to all of the boaters. She delivered them in here little “dingy”.

When we woke up the sun was gone and it was raining again.  We went to Union Bay and fished for a while.  Ron supposedly caught a red snapper but I can’t find it.  Ron said that he moved it to the side because Bailey wanted it and said it must have gone out the scupper right…..After no such luck fishing and a storm appearing to be coming in we went on to Anan Bear Observatory.  No bears yet….We took the dinghy to shore. The forest service really has this place cleaned up on the trails.  Starting July 5 to August 25 you must have a permit to visit.  Upon leaving the shore in the dinghy I decided to fall out and hit my knee on a rock.  Boy did that hurt and it will for a while.  Since anchoring was not great we decided to go to Frosty Bay for the night.  There was a fishing boat off loading 50 gallon barrels of something to shore.  There was several people on shore moving them.  Looks like they had set up a camp of some sort. You see strange things out in t he middle of nowhere in Alaska.

We went through the  Blake Channel and it was beautiful so many waterfalls.  I guess they have a lot of water here….well it’s been raining for days so why not water falls.

We went on a skiff (speed boat) today through the Stikine River to the Shakes Glacier it was absolutely amazing.  We even brought back a piece of glacier ice so Ron could put it in a scotch.  Just prior to going we went through the museum which is very awesome for a small town.  We would recommend coming to this town anytime.

Still having a hard time with internet so when we can load pictures to your photo gallery I will let you know.

Cabernet “at home on any sea”

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Ketchikan, Alaska

Well we finally made it to Alaska but not after leaving Prince Rupert and 4:30 a.m.  Our initial stop was to be in Foggy Bay that night but we have weather coming in so decided that we would make it from Prince Rupert to Ketchikan in one day  We had to go through the Dixon Entrance and once again we had beam seas and about 8 sec swells.  Not as bad as Queen Charlotte Sound but still don’t like the rolling.

I guess our luck ran out after having almost beautiful weather for 2 1/2 weeks.  It is raining in Ketchikan.  But we were greeted by some beautiful eagles sitting in the marina.  Ketchikan is about 15000 people but when the 4-5 cruise ships come in the town doubles.  Ron and I rode our bikes into town yesterday and observed the tourist and how crazy it is with all those ships.  Of course we are not tourist I even had a pedicure done lol……

Our friends Chick and Carel arrived last night so depending upon the weather we will either head out today or wait until tomorrow.  Our first stop will be in the Behm Canal.

We probably won’t have much internet access so we will post as we can.

The first picture is a young eagle.

Cabernet “at home on any sea”

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Prince Rupert, BC

Well we finally made it to Prince Rupert.    Two more days and we will be in Ketchikan.  It has been a long week since leaving Port McNeill and crossing Queen Charlotte Sound which took us 4 hours at 3-5 ft swells at 4 sec.  For anyone that does not know how bad that is trust me it was not fun. The pilot house looked like a cyclone went through it.  We rocked and rolled for a long time. The boat can handle it but we don’t want to go through that again.  Bailey could not even stand up the cat slept through it all.  We found we need to do a better job of tying things and storing things so they don’t move around. Glasses clattered in the cabinets, and things shifted.  We ended up in Fury Cove anchored and then on to Ocean Falls which was a very interesting town.  This town use to have 5000 people now maybe 100.  It was a complete ghost town where everyone just up and left.  It was very eerie. It was a Crown Zellerbach paper plant that closed and everyone just left the town. Hotels, apartment buildings and homes, all just setting there empty. Walked through some of the houses and they are or were nice houses, just empty.  Then onward to Shearwater where we stayed for 2 days.  We took a water taxi to the town of Bella Bella and walked around. Bella Bella is inhabited by the local Indians. We walked around, they all were so friendly. Would ask us if we were tourists. We learned the greeting is “Yo”, they loved it! We just can’t believe that people live out here in nowhere land.   Next on to Rescue Bay, Windy Bay, Bishop Bay, Lowe Inlet where we anchored.  Lowe Inlet was the worst anchorage last night.  We had gale winds of 30 mph and we had to wait up for the tide to go out to see if we had enough water under the hull.  Tides here are 12 to 16 feet. So the world looks pretty different around you when you wake up in the morning, from what it looked like when  you went to bed.  Needless to say we did not sleep very well.

Rescue Bay was full of seals.  They were very curious and would pop their heads up when we were motoring around on the dinghy to see what we were doing.

On our way into Bishop Bay we had porpoises lead us in for about an hour which was really cool. They road our wake and under the bow of the boat playing all the way. Pretty cool.  We also have not seen any bears or whales but did see a buck and doe swimming across the Grenville Channel today. It’s a mile and a half wide!! Hope they made it across.

Bailey had to learn again how to go the bathroom on the boat since we have been anchored for the last 4 days.  I think she might finally have it. How to use her fake grass.

Well need to quit for the night, up at 4:30 crossing tomorrow morning. This is open sea so it could get rough. so early start.

The scenery has been absolutely beautiful. We were anchored in a bay and looking at all the tall mountains around us and said, I”ll bet there a places here no one has every walked. No one. It is so far from anywhere.

It is so nice to finally get back to some civilization.  Pictures will be downloaded to our photo gallery as soon as I have more then a few hours.  Service is so slow…….

Cabernet “at home on any sea”

We will post more pictures on the link in our gallery.

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Port McNeill, Vancouver Island

Yesterday we pulled into Echo Bay and stayed at Pierre’s Echo Bay Marina.  It was a very nice marina in a middle of nowhere British Columbia sort of way, we went for a hike over to Billie’s which was on the other side over the hill from the marina.  Billie has been living here for 80 years and collecting items within a 10 mile radius for 75 years.  His collection was unbelievable.  Very interesting gentlemen. Never went to school a day in his life. And you would be amazed at the house and outbuildings he has built. The life he has led.  Then we took a short dingy ride to SeaRose Studio and Retreat.  Yvonne Maximchuk is the owner.  She does pottery, along with painting and keeping a beautiful garden. You can stay at her house and she will teach you how to paint and throw pottery. A real wilderness experience!!  Then we came back to the marina for all you can eat crab and shrimp. Caught that day. It was so delicious and we filled our tummies.  We also met Nikki Van Schyndel who just wrote Becoming Wild, living the primitive life of a west coast island, which is her life story.  She and a friend moved out here on an island in the middle of nowhere, and lived completely off the land for 18 months. Did not bring survival equipment.  Very interesting young lady.  I could never ever have done what she did.

So after filling our tummies we went to the hot tub which was so relaxing and slept peacefully. In the hot tub picture is Pierre standing the rear, who is the owner of the marinia. Ron said, “Got to get my beard and ponytail going, it’s a standard in this part of the world”. 🙂

We have yet to see any bears.

Today’s cruise was to Port McNeill, weather still overcast and gray but still nothing like cruising on a boat.  We feel like we are kind of back in civilization.  They have a grocery store and restaurants.

Tomorrow is another early morning day we are leaving at 5 a.m. to cross Queen of Charlotte Sound probably back out of civilization.

Right now I have great internet service and there is a bald eagle that keeps flying over the boat and by the boat as I am writing this.

It does not get any better then this………

Cabernet “at home on any sea”

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Port Harvey B.C.

We pulled out of Silva Bay on day 3 of our passage through B.C. We headed North across the Strait of Georgia to Pender Harbor. The weather was suppose to be calm so it was to be an easy crossing. But the weather was understated and we encountered some wind and waves. No problem though for Cabernet, she rode along like this is what she was made for. As we got to the east side of the Strait 3 hours or so the sea calmed down to actually glass the last few miles into Pender Harbor. We pulled into Garden Bay Pub Marina. No lunch for us. The Canadians had a 3 day weekend and they had no food left for serving lunch. So fixed lunch on the boat and then they had us altogether for dinner on the veranda. NICE!

Lanette and I got the tender down and went shopping across the bay at an IGA grocery store. Parked at Madiera Park Marina and walked over the hill to the store. Not far and it was warm. This is called the “sun coast” aptly named.

Next day it was Pender Harbor to Teakerne Arm, in the Desolation Sound. Left at 7AM no time to work out. Lanette’s having a fit. 55 mile day today one of our longest.Weather was good and sailing easy and great. Passed Powell River where they took a bunch of world war ll Liberty ships and scuttled them to make a break water. Desolation Sound was a visual wonder going through. Seems like you are in the Alps but with water. Not a lot of boats yet, still before the real boating season for here.

We reached Teakerne Arm and it is just that a very deep arm of a cove with a beautiful waterfall at the end. Now this separated the boys from the men trying to anchor in 200 feet plus water right up to the shore which is shear rock wall and then stern tying! Cabernet is equipped with forward seeing sonar and we were able to find a shelf that went from 175 ft. then to 125 ft. and then to 41 ft right up to the shore. Now remember we have a 16 foot tide and it was out. So we let down our anchor and hooked the second shelf, we let out 225 feet of anchor chain and backed up to within 20 yards from shore. How did I know? I used my laser that I use to find yardage on the golf course. Ha Ha! Took a rope ashore and around a tree and back to the boat. Done. In place for the night. We had another boat with us that the folks have never anchored so the we invited them to raft up to us and we all were secure for the night. Took a hike up to a lake at the back of the waterfall where they use to cut trees and run them down the waterfall. There was an old rusted “donkey” at the top of the water fall. The logging operating in the 1920’s used this donkey to pull logs from the lake to the waterfall and then the log floated down to the water below where they could raft them together and take them to a mill. This must have been ruff place in the 20’s. Feels now like there is no-one withing hundreds of miles.

We got to sleep in this morning and also work out YEA…..  Ron took Bailey out for her morning business and while out he found a tender in the rocks so he got it and went around and found out that Airship had lost her tender some time in the night.

We had to go through Yuclata and Dent Rapids this morning so we needed to time it just right for slack tide.  After coming through Dent Rapids the Dent Island Lodge is right there owned by the Nordstrom Family.  This place was surrounded by some very expensive homes and a golf course of all things. Out in the middle of nowhere?! People have to fly to get in here, There was also a resort that looked like a Disney operation. Huge and no way to get here but boat or float plane. Go figure, the rich and famous only.

We ended up at Blind Channel for the evening.  No cell or internet service.

It was a very early morning today we had to be up and ready to head out by 5:30.  What happened to sleeping in and retirement????  This was the first morning that the sun was not shining when we left.  We rounded our way through and headed into Johnstone Strait at which time we were hailing 30 mph winds and 2-3 ft swells.  We just jugged along.

Finally ended up at Port Harvey Marina tucked way back in a channel.  You would never know it was there.  Plenty of room for all 8 boats plus an airplane.  Sun still has not come out.  I guess our weather is changing darn.

Bailey was able to play with a dog they have so she finally got some exercise.  On the other hand the dog did not like Brandy and she was not about to attempt to go outside.

The owner said a Grizzly Bear with four cubs went through yesterday.  She must have adopted two of the cubs.  Wish we could have seen her and the cubs.  I am sure this is just the beginning and there will be a lot more.

We have had very little cell or internet service so we are really out of touch.

Here are a few pictures.  I am posting a lot more in our photo gallery.  It has only taken me 2 hours to do.

Cabernet “at home on any sea”

IMG_0818 IMG_0819 IMG_0824 IMG_0788IMG_0843IMG_0785

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Silva Bay, British Columbia

Well we made it through Canadian Customs yesterday but not without some hiccups which I won’t go into now.  We stayed in Bedwell Harbor and headed out first thing this morning to Silva Bay.

This is a very nice marina.  We are having a potluck tonight with the flotilla group.

Weather has been very nice just a little breezy.

The picture is of Gabriola Pass at almost slack tide and Cabernet at the marina.

Cabernet at home on any sea

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