Petersburg, Alaska

We left Wrangell on our way to Petersburg but decided to stop and fish off of Elephant Nose Point.   8 hours later Ron and Chick were still empty handed. Ron bought a new rod and reel, a lot of lures. Ron did catch a salmon but it was too small and had to throw it back he also caught  the ugliest Quillback Rockfish threw that back also.  I am now an official fishing guide.  I led them to the fish but they could not catch anything. I guess I need to know what kind of lures for them to use. My next job…..  After finally getting the guys ready to go we headed to St. John Harbor to anchor. Got there late in the evening.  Chick decided to fish again. Caught a bunch of bottom fish of some kind.The only thing he caught this trip was ugly rock fish and the flu. Poor guy….maybe next time.  We had another awesome sunset.   We left this morning and went through the Wrangell Narrows which they call Christmas Tree lane as we had to follow the red and green markers for 22 miles.  The weather is absolutely beautiful 75 degrees. Of course the day before they leave.  It was a great time.

I have finally been able to upload more pictures in the photo gallery….check it out.

Cabernet “at home on any sea”

IMG_1067 IMG_1070 IMG_1074 IMG_1077

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2 thoughts on “Petersburg, Alaska

  1. Erich

    I was hoping to see a 60 Pound Halibat! Chick, get your game on! Looks like fun. By the way, the Rock fish are eatable. They are much like Sea Bass. Good! Looks like a lot of fun! Erich,


  2. Aunt Shirley

    Sounds like fun, but I thought your folks were coming up for a few days? Would have been nice. Haven’t seen any post from them. Well have a great trip, and be carefull. Aunt Shirley


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