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Port McNeill, Vancouver Island

Yesterday we pulled into Echo Bay and stayed at Pierre’s Echo Bay Marina.  It was a very nice marina in a middle of nowhere British Columbia sort of way, we went for a hike over to Billie’s which was on the other side over the hill from the marina.  Billie has been living here for 80 years and collecting items within a 10 mile radius for 75 years.  His collection was unbelievable.  Very interesting gentlemen. Never went to school a day in his life. And you would be amazed at the house and outbuildings he has built. The life he has led.  Then we took a short dingy ride to SeaRose Studio and Retreat.  Yvonne Maximchuk is the owner.  She does pottery, along with painting and keeping a beautiful garden. You can stay at her house and she will teach you how to paint and throw pottery. A real wilderness experience!!  Then we came back to the marina for all you can eat crab and shrimp. Caught that day. It was so delicious and we filled our tummies.  We also met Nikki Van Schyndel who just wrote Becoming Wild, living the primitive life of a west coast island, which is her life story.  She and a friend moved out here on an island in the middle of nowhere, and lived completely off the land for 18 months. Did not bring survival equipment.  Very interesting young lady.  I could never ever have done what she did.

So after filling our tummies we went to the hot tub which was so relaxing and slept peacefully. In the hot tub picture is Pierre standing the rear, who is the owner of the marinia. Ron said, “Got to get my beard and ponytail going, it’s a standard in this part of the world”. 🙂

We have yet to see any bears.

Today’s cruise was to Port McNeill, weather still overcast and gray but still nothing like cruising on a boat.  We feel like we are kind of back in civilization.  They have a grocery store and restaurants.

Tomorrow is another early morning day we are leaving at 5 a.m. to cross Queen of Charlotte Sound probably back out of civilization.

Right now I have great internet service and there is a bald eagle that keeps flying over the boat and by the boat as I am writing this.

It does not get any better then this………

Cabernet “at home on any sea”

IMG_0854 IMG_0856 IMG_0873

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Port Harvey B.C.

We pulled out of Silva Bay on day 3 of our passage through B.C. We headed North across the Strait of Georgia to Pender Harbor. The weather was suppose to be calm so it was to be an easy crossing. But the weather was understated and we encountered some wind and waves. No problem though for Cabernet, she rode along like this is what she was made for. As we got to the east side of the Strait 3 hours or so the sea calmed down to actually glass the last few miles into Pender Harbor. We pulled into Garden Bay Pub Marina. No lunch for us. The Canadians had a 3 day weekend and they had no food left for serving lunch. So fixed lunch on the boat and then they had us altogether for dinner on the veranda. NICE!

Lanette and I got the tender down and went shopping across the bay at an IGA grocery store. Parked at Madiera Park Marina and walked over the hill to the store. Not far and it was warm. This is called the “sun coast” aptly named.

Next day it was Pender Harbor to Teakerne Arm, in the Desolation Sound. Left at 7AM no time to work out. Lanette’s having a fit. 55 mile day today one of our longest.Weather was good and sailing easy and great. Passed Powell River where they took a bunch of world war ll Liberty ships and scuttled them to make a break water. Desolation Sound was a visual wonder going through. Seems like you are in the Alps but with water. Not a lot of boats yet, still before the real boating season for here.

We reached Teakerne Arm and it is just that a very deep arm of a cove with a beautiful waterfall at the end. Now this separated the boys from the men trying to anchor in 200 feet plus water right up to the shore which is shear rock wall and then stern tying! Cabernet is equipped with forward seeing sonar and we were able to find a shelf that went from 175 ft. then to 125 ft. and then to 41 ft right up to the shore. Now remember we have a 16 foot tide and it was out. So we let down our anchor and hooked the second shelf, we let out 225 feet of anchor chain and backed up to within 20 yards from shore. How did I know? I used my laser that I use to find yardage on the golf course. Ha Ha! Took a rope ashore and around a tree and back to the boat. Done. In place for the night. We had another boat with us that the folks have never anchored so the we invited them to raft up to us and we all were secure for the night. Took a hike up to a lake at the back of the waterfall where they use to cut trees and run them down the waterfall. There was an old rusted “donkey” at the top of the water fall. The logging operating in the 1920’s used this donkey to pull logs from the lake to the waterfall and then the log floated down to the water below where they could raft them together and take them to a mill. This must have been ruff place in the 20’s. Feels now like there is no-one withing hundreds of miles.

We got to sleep in this morning and also work out YEA…..  Ron took Bailey out for her morning business and while out he found a tender in the rocks so he got it and went around and found out that Airship had lost her tender some time in the night.

We had to go through Yuclata and Dent Rapids this morning so we needed to time it just right for slack tide.  After coming through Dent Rapids the Dent Island Lodge is right there owned by the Nordstrom Family.  This place was surrounded by some very expensive homes and a golf course of all things. Out in the middle of nowhere?! People have to fly to get in here, There was also a resort that looked like a Disney operation. Huge and no way to get here but boat or float plane. Go figure, the rich and famous only.

We ended up at Blind Channel for the evening.  No cell or internet service.

It was a very early morning today we had to be up and ready to head out by 5:30.  What happened to sleeping in and retirement????  This was the first morning that the sun was not shining when we left.  We rounded our way through and headed into Johnstone Strait at which time we were hailing 30 mph winds and 2-3 ft swells.  We just jugged along.

Finally ended up at Port Harvey Marina tucked way back in a channel.  You would never know it was there.  Plenty of room for all 8 boats plus an airplane.  Sun still has not come out.  I guess our weather is changing darn.

Bailey was able to play with a dog they have so she finally got some exercise.  On the other hand the dog did not like Brandy and she was not about to attempt to go outside.

The owner said a Grizzly Bear with four cubs went through yesterday.  She must have adopted two of the cubs.  Wish we could have seen her and the cubs.  I am sure this is just the beginning and there will be a lot more.

We have had very little cell or internet service so we are really out of touch.

Here are a few pictures.  I am posting a lot more in our photo gallery.  It has only taken me 2 hours to do.

Cabernet “at home on any sea”

IMG_0818 IMG_0819 IMG_0824 IMG_0788IMG_0843IMG_0785

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Silva Bay, British Columbia

Well we made it through Canadian Customs yesterday but not without some hiccups which I won’t go into now.  We stayed in Bedwell Harbor and headed out first thing this morning to Silva Bay.

This is a very nice marina.  We are having a potluck tonight with the flotilla group.

Weather has been very nice just a little breezy.

The picture is of Gabriola Pass at almost slack tide and Cabernet at the marina.

Cabernet at home on any sea

IMG_0770 IMG_0772 IMG_0775

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Heading Out

We finally left yesterday May 14, 2015 to start our cruising adventure to Alaska.  Our first stop is Anacortes Washington for the Trawler Fest.  Hope I don’t find a bigger boat lol…….

We will leave early Sunday morning with the flotilla group heading to Ketchikan Alaska.

On our way yesterday we encountered this well drilling rig heading to Seattle.  It is massive and was surrounded by several tugs pulling it in the Admiralty Inlet.  It was like a traffic jam trying to get across the commercial traffic lane to the other side.

The weather started out misty but then the blue skies came out and it was beautiful all the way.

In the afternoon as we were enjoying the beautiful sunshine when there was a commotion on the flybridge.  Brandy (the cat) was up talking to 3 crows on the mast who were squawking and getting ready to dive bomb her.  Saved her just in time.  Then she decided that she wanted to go visiting the fishing boat next to us on the dock. Guess she was just full of it this afternoon.  Thank God there was no one on that boat.


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