Casa Grande, AZ

Well we left Visalia and headed to Bullhead City to visit with my sister and Calvin.  We were hoping for sunshine but it was very windy for several days and then the rain came.  I guess we have that rain cloud following us.  We had a very nice New Year’s Eve.  We got to celebrate twice.   Arizona is not on daylight savings so we had New Year’s in Arizona then took a boat ride to Laughlin and celebrated there with fireworks.  It was cold…….

We left one rainy day and took a back dirt road to Oatman. Been there years ago on our motorcycles now we come by Jeep. Found the Oatman hotel and had lunch and then looked around in a few stores that were open. There is a herd of Burros that live there because tourists feed them and I think the locals do too. They were getting out of the rain also by standing on the board walks under the overhang to keep dry. Had to go through and around them to walk down the boardwalk. They weren’t moving!

We left Bullhead City and about 40 minutes out the engine light came on so we immediately pulled over.  It was not safe on the side of the road so we saw an RV park up a few miles and decided to try to get there and call road assistance.  We had lost all the coolant so we knew we must have a broken a hose somewhere.  Ron could not find it so roadside assistance came out and it was a small hose on the top of the engine.  About 4 hours later and a few dollars lighter we headed back out to Quartzsite.  Of course it was dark when we got there. Seems every time we leave we end up where we are going in the dark.  Our friend Gage Smith had a great place for us to park and hook up.  We visited with Gage and he showed us around the town.  Quartzsite hosts the largest outdoor market (flea market/garage sale).  There are RV’s everywhere from boondocking (as we have been told it is called dry camping) to RV parks.  They just park where ever in the desert.  Tons of rocks/gems/beads.  It was pretty amazing.  No restaurants except for a pizza parlor that was packed.

We left Quartzsite and headed to Casa Grande on Sunday 1/10/16 which was about 2 1/2 hour drive through Phoenix.  The weather is getting better.  We can actually sit outside in the sunshine.   Monday we went into town and got pedicures.  Boy was that needed since I might be able to wear sandals.  Tuesday we are meeting our friends Jan and Gary Cotten in Chandler.  We have not seen them for many years.  Can’t wait.   I will try to get some pictures of the desert lol……..



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One thought on “Casa Grande, AZ

  1. Nanci Hatter

    Thanks for the update. Tell Jan & Gary we said Hi. Safe travels – Nanci


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