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Salome, AZ

Ron and I headed from Casa Grande to Huachuca City, AZ.  at 5000 ft elevation.   After getting set up Brandy (cat) wanted to go outside so I put her leash on and she and I went for a walk.   As we were walked just behind the bus in what I thought was grass she kept jumping so finally I picked her up and her paws were full of goat heads so I tried getting them out and I lost my balance from my sandal and I landed my right foot in a patch of goat heads.  So here I am trying to get Ron to rescue us as I am holding the cat like a flamingo on one leg. Ron finally got the cat and she was not a happy camper getting those goat heads out and putting her back in the RV while I stood with my right leg up waiting for him to pull out the goat heads from my foot.  Well we won’t be going for a walk again in that stuff.  The next day we drove to Tombstone AZ.   An old western town where the OK Corral is.  This is an old mining town but we did not see any tailings like in Virginia City so not sure where the mining took place. Not a town like Virginia City, because I guess it has always been a viable town even since the mining stopped. But they still have the main street where they want it to look like it did in the 1800″s.  Went through the Courthouse/Jail/Recorders/Post Office which has been made into a museum to learn about Tombstone. All pretty interesting. Wonder how people came to be out in the middle of the high desert in Southern Arizona in those days??? Had lunch at Big Nose Kate’s who was suppose to be Doc Holiday’s girl friend. Neat place and good food.

Ron and I found out there were some wineries in this part of the area so we decided to go find them.  In Elgin AZ population 35 or so, we found 4 wineries that were open.  Yes there were vineyards also.  We were shocked that they could grow grapes in the desert.  I did talk Ron into buying some more wine to add to my collection. It was actually very good…go figure!

Then another day we took a drive to Bisbee AZ.  This was an old copper mining town.  If you like antique shops this is the place.  After having lunch we drove down to where the open pit mine is and looks like it is still currently active.  There was this street in Lowell. And old town that had it’s beginnings in the late 1800’s but was mostly gobbled up by the open pit mine. They have taken two blocks of the main street and made them into an Americana display. Like a time warp to the 1950″s main street America.  We could not believe what we were seeing.  It appeared to be out of an old movie.  There were old cars, motorcycles, bus station, Sprouse Ritz store, Shell gas station, with a restored 1954 Ford station wagon in the drive, Indian motorcycle shop, Harley Davidson shop all which were not operating but with REAL vintage motorcycles in the windows.  This town obviously did not make it but they brought back one main street. Pretty cool. Felt like you were walking down a main street in the 1950’s America.

Just before leaving Huachuca City we had to go through the Krachner Caves.  The cave was discovered in the 70’s by a gentlemen that went around looking for caves.  He found a sink hole and crawled through it with a buddy and what a find!  The cave was amazing.  We could not take pictures, they made us leave our cameras and phone behind. but if you are ever in the area you need to go through.

After being in Huachuca City for a week we left for Yuma AZ.  We stayed at Yuma Lakes RV Resort just on the outskirt of town.   Yuma Lakes has a sister resort in El Golfo de Santa Clara Mexico so Ron and I drove down to check it out.  It was about 2 hours of driving through desert.  Once we got there it was nothing like we expected.  It was desolate and the RV park was just o.k.  The town was empty and the wind was blowing sand everywhere. The Sea of Cortez in this area is not very deep and when the tide goes out the water has got to be a 1/4 mile from the beach.  On the way back we had to go through an agriculture inspection station.  We waited about 45 minutes and then had to get out of the car while they checked for drugs etc.  This was worse then the border crossing which took us less time.  We were so glad we did not take the RV down. We could only imagine how long it would have taken to go through the inspections.

We drove to Los Algondes Mexico so Ron could get his teeth cleaned.  Now this was an interesting Mexico town right on the border of California and Arizona.  We could not believe the paved parking lot on the American side and how many American’s and Canadian’s come here for dental work, hip/knee replacements, pharmacy etc.  Everything is like 50-75% cheaper then in the states.  The town was clean with lots of shopping but lots of dental offices, farmacia’s, optometrists and restaurants and of course the souvenir stores.

Yuma is a pretty big town so we were able to go shopping for dog food and people food.  We also went and saw Star Wars.  Ron has been wanting to see this since it came out.  I have never seen any of the Star War movies but for Ron I would go.  He had to explain to me after who the First Resistance and the Dark Side was, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader….  Oh well……….

So yesterday we left early because there was a storm and wind coming and headed to Salome out in the middle of nowhere but still a nice park.  The wind picked up in the afternoon, we had a lightning show and the rain came.  Today is cold, windy and cloudy but it won’t last long, the sun and warmth will be back within the next few days.

 Just like the  boat we are in a place with limited wi-fi so I will post pictures next time we have decent wi-fi service.

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