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Living Aboard

Ron and I went back to Carson City the end of March and packed everything up in our house and moved it to our storage unit.  It took us two weeks but we got it done.  The storage unit is completely full.  We managed that just right.

We packed the rest of the stuff going to the boat and headed out on April 12, 2014 for our destination Port Ludlow Marina (animals in tow).  It took us several days to unpack and decide where everything was going on the boat.  For those of you that know us the wine (7 cases) was very important.  We think the water line went down 2 inches……..

We are now what you consider a live aboard.  This is our home and we are enjoying it.

We have lots of projects to complete before we head to Alaska for the summer.  We leave May 14, 2014 for Anacortes Washington to attend the Trawler Fest and then we leave May 17, 2014 from Anacortes to Ketchikan Alaska with 8 other boats.

Once we get to Ketchikan we have lots of friends and family flying in for the next several months to explore Alaska with us.  WE are so looking forward to the summer.

Just wanted to share these photos of Ron enjoying ice cream with Bailey and Brandy.  They know the minute he gets the ice cream and they just sit and wait until they get theirs.

Cabernet at home on any sea……

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