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North Bend, Oregon

Since purchasing the land yacht “No Regrets”  we have been to Carson City visited friends for a week, spent all day in DMV (no fun dealing with the government) but got the coach registered.  We took the Porsche out of storage and drove her for the week.  She was in snow and rain for the first time.

The weather was blue sky but really cold.  Ron and I decided that we wanted to head back to Washington before the next storm hit and we could get over the Siskiyou Mountains.  We left yesterday morning and headed towards Oregon.  We stopped at Moon Mountain RV Park in Grants Pass about 5:00.  Of course it started raining in the night along with wind blowing.  At least we beat the snow.  We decided to go to Coos Bay/North Bend this morning to get over on the coast and go up 101.  We took OR-42 to 101 weather was not bad even had sunshine a few times.

Ron wanted to know why all the motorhomes were heading South….I told him that we were different lol….

We decided to stay at Mill Creek Casino RV Park right on the bay.  We feel at home again close to the water…….

On a side note I have only been able to drive the bus once since leaving Washington.  I have always done most of the driving when traveling but I guess the rolls have changed again.

Bailey and Brandy are getting use to another method of traveling.  Bailey has decided she likes to watch out the front window.

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Carson City, NV

So just an update since my last post in August.  Since coming back from Alaska my Mother is doing much better.  I have become that pest of a daughter going to all her doctor appointments.  It was really scary there for a while and I was over helping out on a daily basis.  Once she was back on her feet Ron and I motored over to Seattle for a week staying in Lake Union.  Going through the locks was exciting again.  After waiting for a while we tried to get in to the small locks and were to long so had to back out and wait for the commercial locks to open.  In the meantime the bow thruster went out just as the locks were opening so we motored to the back of the line and thankfully we were able to tie up next to a big tug at the entrance so we were the first ones out.  The bow thruster was working by then we just wore the batteries down and they needed to re-charge.  The day we got there we had a phone call and then a visit from Stephen and Trisha Lincoln who were at the boat show.  They came by the boat and we did some catching up.  Great fun and cocktails……Ron and I rode our bikes to the boat show the next day in the rain.  It is always raining in Seattle lol……Then one day we took a cab to Pike Place Market.  Ron had never been.  We walked through the market and of course had to by fresh shrimp, pasta and of course a bouquet of flowers.  Then we walked down to the waterfront and had clam chowder at the newly remodeled Ivar’s.  Ivar’s meals now include the tips.  No tips for the waitress….This is something Washington seems to be going to.

After a week we finally decided to motor home and reclaim our animals.  My parents had been babysitting…..The weather going back was absolutely beautiful until we got to Port Ludlow then it was cold and windy.

After not making our trip South for the winter in the boat Ron and I decided that we would travel in a land yacht so we now own a 40′ Tiffin Allegro Bus (No Agenda).  Ron and I have decided we are vagabonds we just can’t stay in one place to long.  Plus we need the warm weather a huge driving factor.  We tried getting to Carson City for Nevada Day but just couldn’t get everything done to leave.

We are now on the road again just on land this time.  We left Friday morning 11/6 to head to Carson City.  Ron pulled over about Roseburg Oregon and said that I need to learn to drive the bus.  My palms sweating, my hearting pounding I got into the driver seat and got my self ready.  Here we go.  It was not that bad only white knuckled it for about 3 hours and by the time we were heading up the Siskiyou pass in the dark I was feeling a lot better.  Just had to watch for all those truckers that like to take all three lanes.  It really was not that bad to drive and very comfortable.

We stayed the night in Weed at a rest stop we got up the next morning and headed out.  Ron is becoming a pro at driving also.  Once we got into Carson City we decided to stay at the Gold Dust West RV Park.  It is more open and we need practice getting into the parks and setting up.  Low and behold it did not take that long.  We had our friend Tracy come by and give Ron a ride to our storage unit to get the Porsche so we could get around town.  We went to Avis Cherry’s installation dinner and had fun catching up with a lot of our friends.

We are going to stay here a week get some personal stuff done and then head out going back the California/Oregon Coast back to Washington for Thanksgiving.  Hopefully the weather will hold up….I will be doing a lot of praying.

Updates, travel blog and pictures to follow

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