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We motored over to Anacortes on Thursday 3/19/15 to attend our Alaska Seminar for the weekend.

It was interesting crossing we had very high winds on the beam side so needless to say we were rocking and rolling for several hours.  I decided to take my shower after the swells decided to subside but that did not last for long.  It was interesting trying to stay straight up in the shower.  Ron decided he would wait until we got to the marina… “chicken”.  Thank God I did not get seasick although I think the animals were feeling it a little bit.

I am so glad that we motored over Thursday as we had 40 mph winds gusting to 50 mph all day Friday.  The best part was watching the boats coming in to the maina.  There was one boat that came in to the marina and was going side ways and we were saying glad that was not us as it looked pretty stressful.

The Alaska Seminar was very exciting and oh so many places to go.  We are leaving May 16 on a flotilla which is about 8 boats all going together to Ketichan and should arrive on June 6, 2015 weather permitting.

Then we are going to spend the rest of the summer cruising Alaska and will try to get as far as Sitka.

Just a little knowledge that it took us 5 hours to go 45nm (nautical miles).

Below are a couple of pictures of the marina with winds blowing 40-50 mph.  The marina should not have white caps. Also we are there almost my ourselves. Boating season doesn’t start until May 1, so guest docks are open.

IMG_0709 IMG_0705

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Port Ludlow

We motored back yesterday from Rosario Resort it was beautiful when we left and I (Lanette) actually put on shorts and tank top got my book went out front on the bow and read until Ron made a turn at Guemes Island and the wind changed burrrr…..

After we came around James Island and into Rosario Straits we hit fog.  Ron got to use his fog horn.  It is like motoring at night.

Port Townsend was clear and we arrived at Port Ludlow only taking 5 1/2 hours.  We were cruising along at an average of 10 knots which means we were speeding….

Worked out this morning, just finished cleaning the boat inside now onto laundry and the outside…. joy lol

Cabernet – at home on any sea

IMG_0702 IMG_0700 IMG_0699_1 IMG_0698

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Roche Harbor & Rosario Resort

We left Wednesday from Port Ludlow Marina to Roche Harbor.  It takes us 6 hours to cross.  We decided to go “on the hook” (anchor) instead of a slip at the marina.

We went for a walk through town and to the dog park for Bailey.  When we got back to the boat it was about 5:00. We had dinner and decided that Bailey would need to learn to go to potty on the boat.

It was a beautiful full moon over the marina and church that is all lite up that night.

After a long day on the boat Thursday trying to encourage Bailey and waiting and waiting still nothing.  40 hours later Bailey finally did her thing on the patch of fake grass.   This was long for all three of us but we needed to make sure Bailey was really going to be a boat dog.  YEA……

On Friday we headed to Orcas Island.  We motored to Eastsound which is suppose to be the biggest town on the island.  You could only anchor out and there really was no access for the dinghy to go ashore, so we decided to go to Rosario Resort.

We have a slip.  Bailey got to go ashore and had a cocktail in the Rosario Resort lounge. Rosario is a mansion built by a shipbuilding magnate in the 1920’s. It is spectacular, they have preserved the original mansion and made it into a resort.

It is really quiet in the winter months but very enjoyable.

Tomorrow is a new day

Cabernet – A Ship on the Open Seas

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Port Towsend

IMG_0648 IMG_0646 IMG_0643IMG_0649IMG_0650

Beautiful day on the water in Port Townsend.  You can see Mt. Baker…..

Ron is on his way back from Port Townsend to Port Ludlow Marina her home for now.

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February 2015

IMG_0637 IMG_0634 IMG_0632

IMG_0630 IMG_0628 IMG_0626

Cabernet is back in water after all her work and running great.

Our first night on the boat in Port Townsend.

Just a little chilly out……love being back on the boat.

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