Heading Out

We finally left yesterday May 14, 2015 to start our cruising adventure to Alaska.  Our first stop is Anacortes Washington for the Trawler Fest.  Hope I don’t find a bigger boat lol…….

We will leave early Sunday morning with the flotilla group heading to Ketchikan Alaska.

On our way yesterday we encountered this well drilling rig heading to Seattle.  It is massive and was surrounded by several tugs pulling it in the Admiralty Inlet.  It was like a traffic jam trying to get across the commercial traffic lane to the other side.

The weather started out misty but then the blue skies came out and it was beautiful all the way.

In the afternoon as we were enjoying the beautiful sunshine when there was a commotion on the flybridge.  Brandy (the cat) was up talking to 3 crows on the mast who were squawking and getting ready to dive bomb her.  Saved her just in time.  Then she decided that she wanted to go visiting the fishing boat next to us on the dock. Guess she was just full of it this afternoon.  Thank God there was no one on that boat.


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4 thoughts on “Heading Out

  1. Sandi Smith

    Awesome, be safe and have fun!




  2. Oh my goodness! You two are just adorable! Bob and I are cracking up just thinking of you both in a traffic jam on the high seas! Have a great time. It sounds so exciting! Can’t wait to see you in July! Love you!


  3. Aunt Shirley

    Well good luck, and take care. Stay safe. Things change in a second. Love you!


  4. Hi great reading yourr post


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