Juneau, Alaska

My parents flew into Petersburg on June 16 so we headed out the following day after getting Dad’s fishing license.  We motored over to Thomas Bay and anchored next to Ruth Island.  We put the crab pots out and Dad and Ron started fishing off the boat.  Dad caught a Skate (looked like a big stingray) about 40 lbs really thought we had a halibut but no such luck.  The next morning we had 5 crab in the pots.  Whoohooo…….  So after a while we headed out and motored Pybus Bay Cannery Cove where we stayed for two nights on the hook.  Still looking for bear and to catch salmon.  The weather was perfect when leaving heading to Tracy Arm.  We got into Tracy Arm Cove and anchored.  Dad tried his luck at fishing again  but this time only caught a big starfish. We’ve caught a lot of ugly bottom fish, all mouth no body.  Maybe one day we might get something we can eat lol.  The next morning we headed up Tracy Arm to the North and South Sawyer Glacier.  It was a 6 hour trip in and out.  Of course we had to run into a big cruise ship going in and boy did he put off the wake. No way to get away from it.  Dad’s coffee and brownie went everywhere.  We were only able to get into North Sawyer Glacier  because of the icebergs blocking South Sawyer.  On the way out we motored over to the side of the cliffs to look at some white rock and low and behold there were two Grizzley’s on the side of the cliff one in the water and the other on the side eating berries.  Yea,,,, we saw two bears.  Now if we could see a whale we would have seen a glacier, bear, eagle all in the same day.  Motoring up Stephen’s Passage Dad said he saw a whale.  I didn’t and Ron was taking a nap so not sure if he was seeing things. 🙂

We ended up on a float in Taku Harbor for the next two nights.  When we woke up the first morning Ron started the generator and the water intake was not working. After checking the sea strainer we decided the under hull intake was plugged. So Ron had to get his wet suite on and snorkel under the boat.  It was real fun trying to help him get his wet suit on but he did it and cleared the blockage and since it was a beautiful day and crab pots out we decided to stay another night.  Very nice place to stay.

The following morning we headed to Juneau sun shining and warm.  We trolled for about two hours but still no fish….As we came into Juneau the weather changed.  Raining and windy.  We cleaned the boat, laundry, shopping and ready to head back out but the weather is not cooperating.  We are going to try to leave in the morning not sure where we will stop it will just depend how Stephen’s Passage is.

When we were in Taku Harbor Ron met a guy from Douglas Island and offered us his vehicle.  When we arrived in Juneau we could only get into Douglas Harbor which is way out of Juneau so we started checking on  renting a car.  Dave came by and took Ron to the airport to see about a car rental.  Believe it or not there were no cars available.  So Dave let us use his car while we have been here.  What nice people you meet on the water. Ron started talking to the guy on his fishing boat in the slip accross from us and he wanted to borrow our hose. He asked would you like some King Salmon for dinner? Of Course we said “yes”! He had just caught several; King Salmon and was cleaning them. He gave us half a fish. Wow can you believe how nice Alaska people are????IMG_1144 IMG_1146

Internet service has not been easy to get.  We are eating pizza and I am sitting here typing.  So slow and frustrating.

Until out next internet service

Cabernet “at home on any sea”

IMG_1094 IMG_1092 IMG_1102 IMG_1110 IMG_1128 IMG_1086

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2 thoughts on “Juneau, Alaska

  1. Sandi Smith

    Awesome sounds like you are having a great time!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Sue and Bill Manning

    Bill and I flew from Juneau is a seaplane to Taku Glacier Lodge. Is that the same Taku you were at?


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