Pahrump, NV

Ron and I left Salome Arizona and headed to Bullhead City where we spent 3 weeks visiting with my sister and Calvin.   We had a nice Valentine Dinner at the Edgewater Casino.  Ron decided to go out with his metal detector and found not gold but a pretty rock with crystals all over it..  To bad it was not gold.  We went rock hunting and had a posse of mules watching us from up above the mountain.


We went golfing one day, laid by the pool (working on our tans), went to a couple of movies and just relaxed.  Bullhead City is very windy most of the time but the weather is nice and warm.

We took a drive one day to Seligman Arizona.  On the way back we went Route 66.  The last time we were on that road was with a group of friends on our motorcycles.  It was in April and the weather was much different.  That day I was in shorts and a t-shirt.  The day on our motorcycles we were wearing heated gear and freezing.

After 3 weeks it was time to start working our way back to Carson City.  We decided the next stop would be Pahrump, NV for a couple of weeks to wait out the weather.  We drove to Death Valley the other day.  The desert is starting to bloom and it was not to hot.

We drove up to Dante’s View just before sunset and what a view. There we a couple of ladies setting up these wind ornaments. They work for the gallery and artist that make these in Utah. They travel all over looking for interesting places to showcase the art. They were on Dante’s View setting up to take pictures of the art and sunset. Must have been something with the colors reflecting off the salt flats down  below.  Ron was mad after we left that we should have stayed for the sunset and that we are always in a hurry.  Don’t know where he gets that from.  Guess he was having a bad day.

We played golf the other day.  Guess my newest past time is gold and I will need to breakdown and get a set of clubs.  Next is bowling…….

We will be leaving next week on our trek to Carson City.  We need to be there by the week of March 21 for doctor appointments, taxes etc.  It has been a year since we left.  I can’t believe it.  Where has the time gone!!!!!!



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One thought on “Pahrump, NV

  1. Jonathan Neal Vizina

    when are you headed back to CABERNET FOR MORE OFFSHORE relaxation???

    J. Neal Vizina



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