Sitka, AK

Well we made it to Sitka.  Bob and Mary Jo Brummer arrived on Cabernet July 13 but not without some things like missing their flight in Seattle and MJ leaving her drivers license at home but they did make it.  Of course it was raining so after a nice dinner that night and provisioning the next morning we headed out in the rain…..Our first stop was Funter Bay where it rained all night.  The next morning we got up early to head out because of the weather and wanted to get out of the Lynn Canal.  Upon entering and going a couple of hours we decided to duck into Game Cove to wait out Chatham Strait.  We were not doing the big waves again.  Finally after a couple of hours we ventured out and it was calm so we crossed and headed to Tenakee Springs.  We arrived early evening so decided to go for a walk into town.  It was not raining when we started but that did not last long.  The next morning we went to the cafe to have their wonderful cinnamon rolls.  We finally headed out about 10:00 heading to Warm Springs.  The water was not bad but we did go up stream all the way so it took us longer then expected.  We arrived in Warm Springs but could not get a place on the float dock so we anchored in a small cove and after dinner decided to take the dinghy to the tubs of course it was raining but the hot tub felt great.  The next morning we wanted to get another early start to head towards Sergius Narrows and out of Chatham Strait before the wind and waves picked up.  It was not that bad just foggy and a quarter mile visibility..  We stayed the night in Baby Bear Cove and again it rained all night.  We put out crab pots and caught 7 crabs but could only keep the one male. All females.  The next morning was really beautiful we could at least see the mountains .and it was Bob’s birthday.  We needed to go through Sergius Narrows at slack tide but did not make it.  We were tossed around going through but of course Cabernet came through it with all she had at two knots against the current. It was running like a river and we were going upstream like salm   We got into Sitka and it was partly cloudy but no rain but that did not last long. Of course the first thing we did was cook up the crab for crab cocktails before going to dinner for Bob’s birthday. We went into town on Sunday in the pouring rain.  We had all our rain gear on but that was the only way we were going to get out and see town.  That night was another night of Mexican Train which we played several nights since all it did was rain.  Mary Jo was addicted and Ron thinks it is a stupid game lol……

Bob and Mary Jo flew back yesterday morning we had sunshine last night and cloudy today but that has not stopped us from riding our bikes into town. Ron finally got a hair cut. He was starting to look a little ragged and now lunch so we can get internet and I can post this blog.

We will be in Sitka until next week when our son and granddaughter fly in and then start heading South so that maybe we can get some sunshine.

Our trip with the Brummer’s was too short and we enjoyed their company greatly.


IMG_1324 IMG_1329 IMG_1331 IMG_1327 IMG_1336

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2 thoughts on “Sitka, AK

  1. Nellie

    Wow! Sounds like an adventure…
    Did the big waves make you sick?
    Can’t wait to read your next blog.


  2. We loved EVERY minute! Miss you guys and……..Mexican Train! What a blast! The Brummers


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